3ree team up with Yung Gwopp for a new single ‘Demons’

Australian pop punk duo 3ree have teamed up with fellow Aussie and emo rapper Yung Gwopp for their brand new single ‘Demons’ out now via Teamwrk Records. ‘Demons’ follows the release of 3ree’s last single ‘Set This Place On Fire,’ featuring guest vocals from Sleeping With SirensKellin Quinn.

‘Demons’ is a dark emo anthem about battling the conflicting voices in your head, questioning existence, and self-medicating to relieve the pain. Produced by Matt Good of From First To Last, it features creeping guitar riffs and a sinister trap beat alongside a huge post-hardcore chorus and Yung Gwopp’s confessional rap flow.

Speaking about the inspiration for the track 3ree drummer Sean Tighe shares: “This song came to me in a dream, after a nightmare I had. I woke up in the middle of the night with the lyrics and melodies still distinctly in my mind. I immediately put it all down in a voice note and sent it to Mitch. It was that powerful.”

Continuing vocalist and guitarist Mitch Volcan says: “Sean sent me the voice memo and I quickly went to the studio with the verse he sent me and the chorus just came to me all in one go. It’s definitely from a dark place but it’s also the realest thing we’ve ever written.”

About the collaboration, Yung Gwopp says: “When the boys sent me ‘Demons’ I was instantly a fan. I just knew I had to throw a verse down.”

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