A.M.C releases new single ‘Courier’

The announcement that A.M.C‘s album was on the way has propelled him from being one of the quickest-firing DJs throughout the drum & bass world, to a producer who’s building just as much of a formidable body of work to unleash behind the decks. Following the success of its first unveiling, which saw singles ‘Mind the Gap’ and ‘Look Out’ chart on the Beatport drum & bass top ten and provide the perfect backdrop for his second takeover at Fabric, he adds another explosive cut to the ‘Energy’ collection.

‘Courier’ is the next step towards A.M.C‘s debut album release and yet again he propels you into the fast-paced landscape in which he reigns supreme over. Stepping through its first raucous breakdown, peppered with blaring instrumentals and an intro which is foreboding as it pulls you forward, ‘Courier’ sees A.M.C kick the accelerator down into gear. The tell-tale drum pads which give A.M.C tracks their weight sit underneath each hook, mingling with its tearaway bassline to give it an added strength. His influences are easy to hear; A.M.C has track references that stretch across the entirety of the genre, with an ear that has built his knowledge of drum & bass and enabled his productions to be both fierce and versatile.

Released through his own Titan Records imprint, the independent label which he’s built alongside his own career whilst providing a platform for his productions, ‘Courier’ is one of the final steps before a colossal touring schedule over the festival season. Already releasing on the likes of Eatbrain, Blackout, Low Down Deep and Ram Records throughout his journey, he’s orchestrated his own success and funneled this back into the reputation which Titan has today.

Whether it’s in Russia, the Czech Republic, or London, the award-winning figure has become one of the most sought-after DJs in the world. His four-deck sets and undeniable charisma within the DJ booth is reflected in his own output. As a result, ‘Energy’ is set to be a monumental part of not just his artistry, but also his place within the drum & bass history books.

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