A.M.C Takes on Koven’s ‘Followers’

The announcement of Koven’s second feature-length album on Monstercat has revived the duo’s fan base following the strange summer of 2020. After the initial explosion of ‘Butterfly Effect,’ which stood as a climatic body of work and one which solidified Koven as genre greats, its anticipated extended version is now slowly being revealed. And after the standalone release of emotive anthem ‘Good Enough’ alongside its flipside, BCee’s lush rework of ‘For Me,’ they’re set to unleash another move towards the second chapter in the ‘Butterfly Effect’ story.

Next up sees DJing and production maestro A.M.C takes center stage, through his take on Koven’s ‘Followers.’ Katie Koven’s vocals are wrapped around the distorted tones of Max’s sonic ingenuity, with A.M.C injecting this around his cutthroat, no holds barred sound. His tell-tale snares and grinding bass rhythms tear through the record’s initial first breakdown to reveal a track that catapults itself at you with bared teeth. Two of the most hotly-tipped acts to break through in recent years, with each wracking-up nominations at this year’s Drum & Bass Arena awards, this is a collaboration worth its weight in gold.

With Koven embarking on their next ‘Another Home’ show, which sees them enter the virtual reality space curated by their team and one which has enabled them to bring their electric performances to their fans in 2020, they prove once more they’re a force to be reckoned with. One which can adapt to the times, whilst ensuring the integrity of their music with every step.

Also, make sure to check our interview with A.M.C HERE, and our interview with Koven HERE.

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