Acres release sophomore album ‘Burning Throne’

UK four-piece Acres, share their sophomore album, ‘Burning Throne,’ out now via A Wolf at Your Door Records. ‘Burning Throne’ showcases some of the band’s heaviest material to date but also their most poignant and honest, it is a body of work that the band have injected every ounce of their soul into as well as something that they are immensely proud to have as a vital part of their story.

“It feels amazing to finally be back with new music, we really feel ‘Burning Throne’ is our greatest body of work to date!,” says lead singer, Ben Lumber. “As a band we never wanted to write the same record twice and we feel we’ve really achieved an evolution of previous material.”

‘Burning Throne’ follows their beloved debut record, ‘Lonely World,’ which harnessed melody and melancholy to devastatingly gorgeous effect and led them to play some of the biggest shows of their career so far and achieve things they had only previously dreamt about. ‘Burning Throne’ continues to build on the sound they created on ‘Lonely World,’ resulting in a crushing, cathartic, and perfectly crafted account of what it means to stare into your own oblivion and learn about who you really are from it. The record features the previously released tracks ‘Nothing.’ (feat. Garrett Russell of Silent Planet), ‘When You’re Gone,’ Into Flames,’ Hold On,’ and Burning Throne.’

You can also check the interview we did with the band HERE.

Acres – ‘Burning Throne’ artwork

‘Burning Throne’

01. Nothing. (feat Garrett Russell)
02. Burning Throne
03. Hold On
04. The Death of Me
05. Visual Hallucinations
06. My Everything
07. Feel Anything
08. Into Flames
09. When You’re Gone
10. Lost in Our Own World


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