Action/Adventure release video for new single ‘Autopilot’

Action/Adventure have released another pop punk anthem with their new offering ‘Autopilot,’ from their forthcoming record ‘Imposter Syndrome.’

Speaking about ‘Autopilot’ the band said: “We like to think this song encapsulates the monotonous pursuit of chasing a dream. We started writing this song during a time where we were really running a lather, rinse, repeat gambit. We had band practices starting in the evening going into the AM often resulting in rough morning commutes. We spent weekends driving hours away to play shows for gas money to get home. We had to miss important friends and family events because there was always another gig, rehearsal, or miscellaneous band event to take precedence. After a while it just becomes clockwork. You’d review the year of backbreaking work in exchange for what felt like a smidge of progress begging the question: Is all of this sacrifice worth it? I think the release of this song years later answers that question. Paired with instrumentals that immediately get your head nodding, the song cooly coasts giving an anthemic vibe that aims to get you singing along. With any creative endeavour it can take years of blood, sweat, and tears before getting to those 30-minute live sets of euphoria. And we can’t wait to experience those moments soon.”

The band also spoke on the video and said: “The music video for ‘Autopilot’ was sincerely a labor of love. Everyone involved in this project from the video team, actors, bar space, and “extras” were close friends and family. It’s a really cool feeling for us to be able to press pause throughout and name every face as all our friends on the shoot have been seeing us play since the beginning. The shoot itself really felt like a celebration amongst the inner circle. The video team of Alex Mueller, Connor Nichols, and Jeremy Whitmore really knocked this video out of the park. The cinematography, directing, and lighting really gives this video a very warm and homey feeling and I think does a great job placing the viewer into the space with us. Wade Hunt, the boss character at the start, does a hilarious job of setting the scene as we feel everyone has dealt with a superior like that at some point in their lives. Plus it leads to our Kevin McCallister moment. ‘Autopilot’ is one of the songs on the record that was written 4 years ago. Thematically it deals with the trials and tribulations of chasing the band dream. We often feel like we’re playing high stakes for little return as we’ve taken some emotional and financial losses during this time. With this record and video coming out – I feel that it shows us that this is indeed worth it. And we’re excited to expand our circle.”

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