AJ Tracey drops highly anticipated single ‘Bubble Bath’

Renowned UK rapper AJ Tracey is back with another hit, ready to captivate fans and music lovers alike. Following the phenomenal success of his last single ‘Joga Bonita’, and a jam packed single launch party at his very own nail shop in SOHO last night, AJ Tracey is thrilled to announce the release of his next track, ‘Bubble Bath.’

‘Bubble Bath’ promises to be a fresh and innovative addition to AJ Tracey’s already impressive discography. Known for his versatile style and dynamic sound, AJ Tracey continues to push the genre boundaries, fusing his unmistakable flow with his love of UKG. The new single showcases his signature blend of sharp lyricism, infectious beats, and an unmistakable charisma that has solidified his place at the forefront of the music scene.

Fresh off the back of a notable few days at Paris Fashion Week, AJ’s next offering ‘Bubble Bath’ retains the high-energy vibe and creative flair that he is celebrated for, while also offering a fresh perspective and new sonic elements that highlight his growth as an artist. The track delves into themes of luxury, relaxation, and the finer things in life, set against a backdrop of captivating rhythms, produced by long-term collaborator Remedee.

Speaking about the upcoming release, AJ said: “Something a bit warmer than Joga to complement the British summer, the sound of my youth!”

In addition to the new single, fans can look forward to an accompanying music video that promises to be as visually striking and innovative as the track itself – the video is suitably set in a West London nail shop. As one of the UK’s most influential artists, AJ Tracey’s impact on the music industry continues to grow. With multiple chart-topping hits and a reputation for consistently delivering quality music, ‘Bubble Bath’ is set to be another major milestone in his illustrious career.

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