Ajent O and Tr38cho team up for a new single ‘Coup De Grace’

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Listen and hear for yourself. Tr38cho collides full speed with Ajent O on ‘Project Mayhem,’ a hip hop album blending elements of trip hop, punk rock, spaghetti western scores, and hardcore hip hop for a sonic experience not to be missed. 

Tr38cho has been getting his skills up chopping through project after project in recent years after growing up taking lessons from Ajent O. Meanwhile Ajent O was in a self-imposed exile, considering retirement when he got wind of Tre‘s commotion and re-entered the game. 

Together they feed off each other, grinding and smashing like gears on an engine about to shake itself apart. Tr38cho handles the bulk of production on ‘Project Mayhem’ while the pair get assistance by vocal contributions from Noodles, Michael Farrow, TallyHood, and Crystal Rose.

On Coup De Grace,’ Buffalo MC’s trade jabs over a jagged punk backtrack: the first track released off the recently released Project Mayhem. These two came to start a fight with a total stranger. AjentO‘s seasoned skills clash with Tr38cho‘s youthful stride. Listening to these two spars is like watching the sparks dance off the fuse of a stick of dynamite!

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