Alix Perez & SP:MC @ DOT, Belgrade

Words: Miljan Milekić

The Serbian drum and bass scene may not be the biggest, but in the last few years, it’s certainly growing. Besides Exit Festival and Novi Sad’s Drop Sensei collective, the credit has to go to one more crew – Roll the Drums from Belgrade, who were behind this show.

Having Alix Perez in Serbia for the first time is not a small thing, so there’s no wonder the club was full. Although far from mainstream Alix has a significant following among Serbian drum and bass fans, so a 200-cap place like DOT was barely enough to welcome all who wanted to be there. And they went home more than happy with what they got.

Supported by the amazing SP:MC who kept delivering a barrage after barrage of sick rhymes, keeping the crowd hyped, Perez presented his, but also the music from other artists on his label 1985 Music. From liquid to more heavy stuff, from darker, to more melodic sound, Perez provided a rollercoaster of sounds, energy, and emotions.

Alix Perez & SP:MC @ DOT, Belgrade

In just over two hours, he kept the energy flowing, without slowing down. The crowd was hyped during the whole set, but it was obvious the duo on the stage enjoyed it as well. A bit more intimate and closer to the crowd than they might be used to, it seemed like both, Alix and SP:MC enjoy more direct contact with the people around them.

Alix Perez was more than welcomed in Serbia, and I have no doubts he will be back, possibly to a bigger venue and bigger crowd. However, this night was a real treat for all drum and bass fans, who will have another bite of similar flavor on March 24th when another 1985 Music artist, Skeptical, hits Novi Sad. Also, not to be forgotten, a shout out goes to Džonidža and Bitz who opened the night, Roll the Drums who closed it, and MC Don Dada who was the host for the occasion.

Alix Perez @ DOT, Belgrade

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