Alkaline Trio stream three-song EP

Today, Chicago cult rock heroes Alkaline Trio release ‘E.P.,’ a three-song single. The songs are now available digitally. “With the tour postponed and the current state of the world, we feel and hope that some new music will help people transcend the uncertainty and possible fear they might be feeling, if even for a few minutes,” says Matt Skiba. “Music has always had a way of helping us all cope with unpleasant times. We can only hope that ours can do the same for our fans on some level. We hope you enjoy the songs.”

The limited edition two-song 7” is available for pre-order now and is limited to 1000 blue variant in the US and 500 red in Europe. The 7” will feature ‘Minds Like Minefields’ on Side A and ‘Radio Violence’ on Side B. Andriano describes ‘Radio Violence’ as, “a song about communication breakdowns, it’s about the lies we tell ourselves and others and it’s about shutting out those closest to us when we need them most.”



‘E.P.’ track listing:

1. Minds Like Minefields
2. Radio Violence
3. Smokestack

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