Anberlin share music video for new single ‘Circles’

Alternative rock mainstays Anberlin have shared a music video for their single ‘Circles,’ which was directed by drummer Nate Young. ‘Circles’ is an anthemic track about how hard it can be to find ourselves when we feel lost, and how discovering hope can feel impossible, and the video captures the essence of these emotions. The song starts with a graceful, slow build before soaring into the chorus highlighted by intense drums and Stephen Christian’s signature vocals. It stems from the band’s upcoming EP, ‘Silverline,’ set for release on July 29th on Equal Vision Records.

Speaking on creating the video, Young commented: “The idea for ‘Circles’ initially stemmed from a half-a-sleep dream to a concept in broad form covering a lot of different current topics. The goal was to tell a story that ebbs & flows from what is reality and what is not. The overall arcing idea stems from a lot of modern policies set in place that control a lot of humans. From a ‘bigger power’ setting in place barriers and laws that people have to go through to just ‘get out’ of a situation or to keep someone away from someone they love. I wanted the end to be unknown but hopeful that she gets out. Also I’m a big fan of old sci-fi and wanted that to reflect in the style and directing.”

Writing and recording ‘Silverline’ was a very collaborative and do-it-yourself experience for the band. Entering Feral Sound Studios in Tampa, Florida, the band self-produced the EP alongside help from friends Tim McTague (of Underoath), Chad Carouthers, and JJ Revell. The five songs on the album showcase the band’s penchant for creating incredible alternative rock, filled with engaging tempo changes and thoughtful lyrics. ‘Silverline’ marks their first new collection of music in eight years, following 2014’s ‘Lowborn.’

Anberlin have also announced a tour celebrating their history as a band. In select cities, they’ll be doing three nights of full album performances for ‘Never Take Friendship Personal,’ ‘Cities,’ and ‘New Surrender.’ They’ll also be appearing at Riot Fest in Chicago, Illinois and When We Were Young in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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