Angels & Airwaves release new track ‘Timebomb’

Two days before the release of their first album in seven years, Angels & Airwaves have released a new track titled ‘Timebomb.’Timebomb’ is the latest from the 10-song album, ‘Lifeforms,’ which comes out this Friday via Rise Records/BMG. The album explores a variety of topics but is largely centered around the theme of interpersonal relationships. Its lyricism is thought-out and intentional, and its sonics derive inspiration from 80’s artists like Depeche Mode, as well as from frontman Tom DeLonge’s early pop punk days. ‘Lifeforms’ is the band’s sixth album since forming in 2005.

’Timebomb’ is a special song to me because it represents the emotional equivalent of an armed device about to blow. I think everyone can relate to the pressure of life bearing down on a young teenage heart”, said DeLonge of the new song. Of ‘Lifeforms’ he said: “It’s taken me a long time to present my art in the way I envisioned over a decade ago. ‘LIFEFORMS’ is the first part of what I saw could be possible then.”

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