Anti-Flag link with Alyona Alekhina for the new merch promo campaign

Anti-Flag had always been more than just a band, and they keep proving it time and time again. The band released their brand new album ‘Lies They Tell Our Children’ on January 6th, once again covering topics of war, poverty, and every kind of discrimination and inequality.

Along with the album release, the band launched a new line of merch, with a photo campaign featuring non-other that Russian-American model, motivational speaker, 321 Run frontwomen, and outspoken anti-war activist Alyona Alekhina. You can check the full collection HERE.

“New ‘Lies They Tell Our Children’ pieces are up for grabs and more will come after tour! Much love to our friend Alyona Alekhina for coming to ANTIfest in Pomona to show off some of the new Ts!,” shared the band on their profiles.

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