Anti-Flag recruit Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach for a new single ‘Modern Meta Medicine’

Anti-Flag are slowly gearing up for the release of their 13th studio album ‘Lies They Tell Our Children,’ a collaborative effort that drops on January 6th via Spinefarm Records. The band now shared a brand-new single from the record ‘Modern Meta Medicine,’ featuring Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach.

“Let’s be honest, in a world and cultural climate that reaps division and sows a void of nuance in our conversations, writing a record that challenges a healthcare system that puts profit before people can be scary,” the band says. “But an opioid crisis, miracle cures for our weight, our skin, the hair on our heads, a limp dick, and then the simultaneous denial of access to healthcare for the bodies of pregnant people, the poor, Black and immigrant communities is a stark contrast that must be discussed.”

“At the crossroads of where business models and our healthcare intersect, the for-profit model has beyond proven it is unsustainable. And the fact that these corporations have preyed openly upon the most vulnerable in our society with very little pushback has only opened the doors wildly for the conspiracy theorist, instead of allowing us to globally celebrate science, progress and the advancements of our healthcare.”

The band continues: ‘Modern Meta Medicine‘ looks to trace back the origins of capitalisms takeover of our health as global citizens, the Reagan era policies that allowed for billionaires to flourish off of the suffering of so many. Healthcare is a human right, and we need to steal our rights back from a machine that sees us as commodities and profit margins, however we can.”

“We are grateful to Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage for lending his talent and empathy to this track. Since becoming friends we’ve had a few great conversations on this topic so we knew he would be perfect for this, and holy shit did he deliver.”

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