Anti-Flag release new song ‘Christian Nationalist’

Anti-Flag just released a new powerful song titled ‘Christian Nationalist.’ As per usual with Anti-Flag, the song has a strong political background and touches on the subject of fascism and white supremacy. Make sure to give it a listen down below.

“History is full of wealthy and powerful people using religion and cultism to justify policies of oppression and inequality. Invariably, these policies target the most vulnerable in society so that elites can maintain their dominance. Today we see this same strategy employed by right-wing politicians all over the world. Just as the anti-fascists of the 1930s and 1940s rejected the fascist ideologies of their era, we reject the neo-fascists of this era. Theocracy is dangerous and inherently anti-democratic because it restricts individual choice and provides an avenue by which politicians can claim a moral superiority over “the other”. It gives political cover and justification for policies and actions which might otherwise be deemed morally objectionable, inhuman, or adverse to the best interest of the country.” shared singer Justin Sane.

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