Backdrop Falls share video for ‘Big Lie’

Backdrop Falls just released the music video for ‘Big Lie,’ one of the highlights of the band’s debut album. The video, directed by drummer Roger Capone, was inspired by the aesthetics of recurring clips on the programming of the old MTV in the 90s and 2000s and of the station itself, the alternating live performance takes with acting scenes and showing this time a comic vein of the band.

‘Big Lie’ ends the quartet’s cycle around their first album. The guys are currently in the pre-production process for their next unreleased album, with a release scheduled for 2021. ‘There Is No Such Place As Home’ was released in 2019 by Electric Funeral Records and distributed in a dozen countries, guaranteeing the band a tour in Argentina and participation in major national and international playlists, splits, and collections.

The band formed by Matheus Collyer (vocals and guitar), Rafael Neutral (guitar), Ilton Tiger (bass), and Roger Capone (drums) veterans of the music scene in Latin America who shared the stage with artists such as Sum 41, Face to Face and Against Me, and having played in the main Brazilian music festivals, released and distributed their first full entitled ‘There Is No Such Place As Home’ in CD and K7 format.

The album is now available in digital format by Electric Funeral Records and the distribution of the album by several labels. The labels involved in the distribution are Electric Funeral Records (Brazil), Geenger Records (Croatia), Duff Records (Italy), 20 Chords Records (Spain), Infected Records (Portugal), Bomber Music (United Kingdom), Razor Records (Argentina), Audioslam (Chile), Mevzu Records (Turkey) and Dinamite Records (USA).

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