Black Anchors – ‘We try not to compromise on anything’

Words: Miljan Milekić

Read your e-mails, you never know what you might find there. For example, I found Black Anchors‘ self-titled debut EP. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much, that I had to catch up with the band to learn more about them. So, read our interview with Black AnchorsScott Xander Linn make sure to check them out. No, seriously, just do it.

Black Anchors / Photo: Kieren Solomon Photography

Hey guys! I’ve found your music, but I couldn’t really find much information about your band online. Maybe you can help me?
Scott: Hey! Well, that’s probably because we are so new. We started playing together in November 2017 after myself and James decided to start a band instead of just hanging out in coffee shops talking about music.

So, you recently released your debut EP, and to be honest, it’s one of my favorite pieces of music I’ve heard this year. Can you tell me the story about it?
Scott: Thank you so much! We wrote the songs in December, then recorded it in January. I’ve actually had a lot of lyrics around for a while so it all came together really quickly.

In your music, I can hear a lot of different influences – from American bands such as The Gaslight Anthem and Alkaline Trio to UK artists like Frank Turner. In some moments you even reminded me of another UK band that I love – The King Blues. Where do your influences come from?
Scott: Musically, our influences come from so many places. Punk rock, indie rock, reggae, and ska, too. We’re musical magpies, collecting lots of different things we like and bringing them back to our nest. (laughs)

It seems like you pay close attention to lyrics, which is something I really love. Especially nowadays when lyrics are so underrated, and often overlooked. How important are they for you? What comes first, lyrics, or the music?
Scott: For me, lyrics are what I’m most interested in. You’ve still got to write good music and both should complement each other. We try not to compromise on anything. If the music or lyrics aren’t up to scratch, we won’t use it.

In your lyrics, you have quite a few references and mentions of other artists. Is it your way of paying tribute to your role models, or just a fun thing to do?
Scott: Both! There are so many references in my lyrics, some obvious, some not so obvious. But turning people onto stuff that inspires me is something I like to do. Maybe somebody will hear us and then go check out Tom Waits and discover how amazing he is.

With the EP now out, what is next for Black Anchors? Do you feel you’re ready to work on an LP?
Scott: We don’t have plans to record again right now. We are too busy hitting the road and getting ourselves out there! Come see us live, hang out, and join the family!

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