Blackout Problems release new single ‘Stash’ from upcoming album ‘Riot’

Blackout Problems have unveiled a new single called ‘Stash,’ taken from the trio’s upcoming album ‘Riot,’ scheduled for release on February 23rd via Sony. The song was an important step for the band as, according to vocalist Mario Radetzky, ‘Stash’ was one of the first written for the new album, and a bit of a “test” to see if he could self-produce the band’s music.

Of ‘Riot’ as a whole, Mario explains that, “I tried to open up and find my way to myself as well as out of myself. When you listen to the album, you learn things about me that I would never tell you. But maybe you’ll also learn something about yourself when you listen to it, because you’re not hearing my story and my mistakes, but projecting them onto your own life.”

Blackout Problems – ‘RIOT’ artwork

‘Riot’ tracklist:

01. DNA (feat. Leoni Klinger & UMME BLOCK)
02. Whales
03. Trouble
04. Stash
05. Puzzle
06. Funeral
07. Glofs (feat. Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari)
08. Blackroom
09. TalkToMe
10. Tiredice
11. TalkToMe (II)

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