Blankfile tap Shane Frisbey and Peter Rutcho for new EP ‘Truth Be Sold’

Serbian hardcore / metalcore powerhouses Blankfile are working on their brand new EP ‘Truth Be Sold,’ which is expected to drop this September. And once again, the band is ready to shake things up, musically and sonically. After more than a decade of working in a country where the hardcore scene is so underground that one may have to dig really deep to find the first glimpse of it, Blankfile is among the handful of bands who keep on keeping on. And not only that, they give their best to push boundaries and take things to the next level.

So, earlier this year, Belgrade-based band enter the Piranha studio in Kruševac and recorded six new songs with Pinki, their long-time collaborator, and one of the leading sound engineers in the country. However, the band didn’t stop there and teamed up with The Brick Hit House studio and production duo consisting of Shane Frisbey and Peter Rutcho, for mixing and mastering.

Speaking of the move that can be seen as something from the science fiction realm or at least a one-way ticket to a mental hospital, and why they picked the team behind records from bands such as Lionheart, Parkway Drive, Revocation, The Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts, Falling In Reverse, or Havok, the band shared simple, yet powerful answer.

“We never thought that the Serbian scene lacked talent. There had always been some quality and strong releases, but more often than not, there was “something” missing, that separated us from the “big boys.” With this EP, we wanted to kick that “something” out, offer a high-quality produced release, and test ourselves in the big league.”

More information about the ‘Truth Be Sold’ EP will follow soon, so stay tuned. The EP also comes two years after the band’s latest single ‘The End Of Us,’ which can be heard below.

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