Blitz Vega share video for exhilarating new single ‘Love City’

“Although the video is emotional and hard to watch sometimes, it’s a reminder of why we are releasing the music,” says Blitz Vega’s guitarist Kav Sandhu (formerly of Happy Mondays) about the newly released ‘Love City’ video which pulls footage from when the band (formed by Kav and The Smiths’ legendary bassist Andy Rourke) were deep in the process of making their long-awaited debut album ‘Northern Gentleman.’

As Andy’s posthumous album, ‘Northern Gentleman’ is a bittersweet celebration of the late, seminal bassist’s decades-long impact on the music world and stands as a testament to the power and impact he continues to have. Kav adds: “It’s great to see how happy and focused Andy was in all the footage we captured when recording the Blitz Vega album. It really comes across in the video. Blitz Vega is Andy Rourke. Andy Rourke is Blitz Vega.”

Similar to Blitz Vega’s previous singles which have amalgamated all manner of indie and alternative sounds from both sides of the Atlantic, ‘Love City’ is propelled by rattling beats, pulsating buzzsaw bass, and the elegantly wasted rush of classic ‘70s NYC punk with those and it’s about those quintessential wild, sun-soaked, fast-paced Los Angeles nights as a backdrop. “The excitement of going out, letting your hair down and forgetting your troubles, enjoying the variety of life that L.A. had to offer… This song is about experiencing your own individual journey but ultimately ending up in the same place and mindset as the people you meet along the way. You can look at it simply as the magic of a great night out where everything falls into place or a life journey which shapes the way you think. But hopefully it makes you smile a little. It’s a happy song.”

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