Boston Manor release new single and video ‘Plasticine Dreams’

Boston Manor’s new single ‘Plasticine Dreams’ is a soulful composition with a tender yet sinister lilt that muses upon the often disposable nature of modern entertainment. Vocalist Henry Cox explains:‘Plasticine Dreams’ is about the throw away culture of media. How art is treated as “content”; one minute something is plastered everywhere you look and the next it’s faded into obscurity. I also feel like because it’s so easy to go viral now it also encourages people to make ‘content’ rather than art. We’re getting so much information constantly thrown at us that nothing is really absorbed or appreciated, you just click next when it’s finished.”

It’s the latest cut to be revealed from the Blackpool band’s forthcoming album ‘Glue’, set for release May 1st, via Pure Noise Records, and has been released alongside an hypnotic animated music video. “We wanted something really different for this video,” says Henry. “The song kind of has its own thing going on within the context of the whole album & we’d always wanted to do an animated video because it allows for a new level of artistic expression, not confined to what we can create in “reality”. We were able to sneak a bunch of Easter eggs into the video – nods to loads of BM history & also the themes of ‘Glue.’ We’re really happy with how it came out. A lot of work went into making it. We invite people to find all the Easter eggs & references!“


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