Boston’s Nervous Eaters debut new single ‘Don’t Need To Make You Mine’

Boston rock pioneers Nervous Eaters have released the new single ‘Don’t Need To Make You Mine,’ written by guitarist Adam Sherman, and featuring him on lead vocals. The B-side ‘Someone Else In Your Arms,’ was written by founding member and frontman Steve Cataldo.

Sherman says: “The song is about loving your partner without limits. Harmonious relationships must have freedom as a guiding principle. Embracing the desires of those closest to us allows our loved ones to show their brilliance and seek their true calling.”

Speaking on the B-side ‘Someone Else In Your Arms,’ Cataldo says, “‘Someone Else In Your Arms,’ is a Rockabilly blues tune. My mother was born and raised in Fall Branch, Tennessee in 1926. Thirty-eight years later, my mom and I would return to spend many hot summers in that rural southern town. Taking turns staying with each of her four brothers and two sisters, you really got to understand southern hospitality. One of her brothers happened to be a Baptist Minister, so we got to hear a lot a hellfire screaming at those Sunday’s morning sermons, I loved it. If the Pastor wasn’t marring em, he was burying em. He’d shout, “When the man calls, yawl got to go”, still my favorite. Many a calling came from a night of slugging down Moonshine, brewed from “Stills in the Hills”. It was a hell fire business, and business was good, especially, if a man found his wife cheat’n on him with his best friend or worse his brother. Just before he pulled out his 44, he screamed, crying, honey, “you been out all night, how come you ain’t treat’n me right”? “Have you got someone, else in your arms….”

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