Brodie pays tribute to UK rave culture with high octane debut single ‘Rig Fairy’

Ipswich-born drum & bass vocalist and songwriter Brodie marks a striking introduction with her debut solo single ‘Rig Fairy,’ produced with Bristol-based crew Born On Road. An irresistible summer anthem that is at once soulful and fiercely chaotic, the newcomer showcases her vocal prowess and drum and bass roots, with reggae, punk, and alt-pop sonics dispersed as palette cleansers throughout. Written about the euphoric feeling of being “rigside” in a field all weekend, Rig Fairy is an unapologetic love letter to UK rave culture, a track that in Brodie’s words “emphasises putting the rest of the world on pause and living in the moment”, capturing that sense of community where “you finally feel like you belong somewhere within the music”.

Debuted live at Motion Bristol a few weeks ago for Born On Road’s show, ‘Rig Fairy’ emerged from a close bond and collaboration between Brodie and the D&B group’s key members, Kelvin 373, Selecta J-Man and Aries. Inspired by her ample knowledge of and deep connection to drum and bass, Brodie was “born in the rave”, living and breathing the culture. From discovering the genre at 7 years old to rocking up to a DJ Storm and Stamina MC set at age 13, this die-hard attitude is perfectly continued in Brodie’s latest track.

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