Calyx & TeeBee return with ‘Set The Tone’

Calyx & TeeBee are edging closer to the climactic release of their ‘Plates’ series, an album that encapsulates the elements of releasing music that are sometimes forgotten in the contemporary world – especially with today’s demand and culture of instant gratification.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Big Sound,’ ‘The Fog,’ ‘Made in Detroit,’ ‘Look to the Skies,’ ‘Cloak & Dagger,’ and ‘War Dub,’ their forthcoming single ‘Set The Tone’ remains within this authoritative paradigm, reminiscing on the old-school whilst also infusing the record with Calyx & TeeBee’s innovative stamp. It’s 2021 and Calyx & TeeBee make a triumphant reappearance, alongside a decorated tour schedule and a host of brand-new music.

‘Set The Tone’ takes ‘Plates’ to the next level, with a minefield of free-falling breaks and a vocal call-to-action rolling between its smashing crescendos. Stamping bass riffs drive the mix forward and in all, it’s a track of impressive form, kick-starting the resumption of ‘Plates’ releases as the LP project builds to completion. Watch this space.

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