Chief State detail ‘Tough Love,’ share new single ‘Reprise’

Vancouver pop-punk five-piece Chief State has announced details for their upcoming LP ‘Tough Love’ which will be released on March 27 via Mutant League Records. The band has dropped ‘Reprise,’ a new single off the album, which is available below.

Frontman Fraser Simpson shares to Alternative Press about the single: ‘Reprise’ was written about a situation where I felt like I couldn’t help someone I loved. The metaphor of running round in circles and being trapped in a loop is not only how I felt about this person but subsequently the situation I found myself in recently. It‘s ironic that this song has flipped on me but it has been a tough year personally. I hope it helps others realize that going in circles and expecting different results is never the answer, no matter what the question is.”


‘Tough Love’ tracklisting:

1. Try Hard
2. Deciduous
3. Reprise
4. Something Good For Once
5. Biding Time
6. Choke
7. Peace Of Mind


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