Chief State release new single ‘Living Out A Lie,’ announce ‘The Acoustic EP’

Vancouver’s pop punk trailblazers, Chief State, are debuting ‘Living Out A Lie,’ the first single off their recently announced 5-song acoustic EP, which promises to redefine your connection with their music. Set to release via Mutant League Records in April 2024, ‘The Acoustic EP’ invites listeners to rediscover Chief State’s catalog through a captivating and intimate lens.

Frontman Fraser Simpson says: “As the name suggests, this song is about the feeling of your life being a lie, self-doubt, faking it until you make it, imposter syndrome. Something I constantly struggle with. I’ve made a lot of choices to get where I am today and often I’m not sure if I’m actually being true to myself. The song also speaks directly about doubt in previous relationships, whether my heart was actually in it. The video, created by the brilliant Lindsey Blane, really tied this idea together and we deliberately ended it before knowing the answer to the guy’s proposal. I think we’re all a little glossy on the surface, we show what we want to show but once it comes down to a life-changing choice, like shown in the video, the truth will come out.”


Chief State – ‘The Acoustic EP’ artwork

‘The Acoustic EP’ tracklist:

1. Team Wiped
2. Deciduous
3. Living Out A Lie
4. Metaphors
5. Jamie All Over

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