CJ Ramone announce new album, share new song ‘Blue Skies’

The machine is starting up again for CJ Ramone, and you can head over to Fat Wreck YouTube channel to listen to a brand-new song ‘Blue Skies.’ The song is the first single off his new album, ‘The Holy Spell…,’ which will be out on May 10th.

‘The Holly Spell…’ tracklist:

01. One High One Low
02. The Town
03. Crawling from the Wreckage
04. I’m Disappointed
05. Waitin’ on the Sun
06. Hands of Mine
07. There Stands the Glass
08. Movin’ On
09. Stand Up
10. Postcard from Heaven
11. Blue Skies
12. Rock On


CJ Ramone made his name as a member of (arguably) the greatest punk band of all time, and nearly 25 years after that experience, it’d be understandable if CJ now spent his days resting on his legacy and tsk-tsking the state of punk rock. Instead, ‘The Holy Spell…,’ CJ’s third full-length for Fat Wreck Chords, joyfully celebrates his undiminished love of music.

“I never lost that magical feeling that you get from music, and that’s where the title came in,” he says. “The bands that I listened to when I was young that I really enjoyed, I can still put that music on now, and it still has the same magic for me.”

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