Conducta drops his highly anticipated new EP ‘In Transit’

Conducta has released his highly anticipated five-track project ‘In Transit’. Having traveled extensively over the past year, namely back and forth between London and Stockholm, Conducta found creativity in the fluidity of movement and exploration; a chance to get creative whilst quite literally, in transit. The project as a whole solidifies a balance that Conducta previously sought; drawing from club culture but also embodying the freedom he now has to create music centered around UK Garage and beyond.

The final track on the project, ‘Gold,’ also lands today alongside an incredible cinematic visual. A collaboration with BIJI, the track sees Conducta rapping and featuring on his own record for the first time. Biji is the fusion between Robin Nazari, a Kurdish artist and actor, and Maceo Frost, director, and music producer. Rooted in Kurdish culture, the group fearlessly blends Western Asian music traditions with contemporary influences like hip hop, afrobeat, Latin, and dance music into a sonic and visual experience that captivates audiences of all backgrounds, transcending borders. Biji aims to be the voice of the Kurdish diaspora and pay homage to the resilience, rich history, and spirit of a people and a culture that has long yearned for recognition and the freedom of self-expression. Biji invites listeners to embrace the beauty of their heritage and join them on a transformative journey where freedom, celebration, and love conquer all.

Conducta and Biji collide by bringing the best of UK dance music culture and fusing it with the Western Asian heritage. Connecting via Stockholm the 3 of them have been in the studio collaborating bridging the gap and making music spanning across garage, house & breaks – their first collaboration debuted on Conducta’s essential mix on BBC Radio 1 with Pete Tong.

Speaking on ‘Gold’ and the project as a whole, Conducta states: ‘Gold’ for me was the perfect way to round off the EP. I wanted to get in a club/breaks influence, whilst also infusing the ‘In Transit’ concept by introducing sounds from the SWANA region. Biji, who I met in Stockholm, really sparked a new sense of creativity, which you can hear with the Kurdish influence on the song; but also, with me debuting my first verse. This song was a salute to London and UK culture, but also tapping into Biji’s Kurdish heritage.”

An icon and trailblazer, in the past seven years, Conducta has led the charge for the resurgence of UK Garage. After a brief hiatus, focused on recording new music, touring and most importantly, finding happiness, the producer and DJ returned with a hard-hitting and addictive single titled ‘Get Busy With It’ – featuring Novelist. It’s reminiscent of the noughties era when breaks, grime, garage and dubstep all crossed over.

Conducta quickly followed up with the delectable ‘3Fall’ – a darker musical moment that feels like gliding through the air – the night-travel soundtrack was an instrumental and ethereal offering that evoked something truly magical.

Conducta has just finished a string of US and Canada tour dates and earlier this year found himself touring across Australia. Last weekend, he played three back to back sets at the iconic Glastonbury Festival, showcasing his new sound and excitement for life, music and all that surrounds the two. Known for his delectable live sets, fans will fondly remember his XOYO month-long live residency at the tail end of 2022, the transitional year that he re-found his true self. “I began a transition into a new phase of finding my feet again as a producer and unburdening the limitations I put on my outlook not only in music, but in life.”

The producer behind AJ Tracey’s inescapable ‘Ladbroke Grove’ (now triple-platinum and recognised as the biggest-selling UK Garage record in history), Conducta is also the head of Kiwi Rekords, his label which allowed him to further expand his mission for the resurgence of UK Garage. Following a stream of ground-breaking mixes, releases and parties, the label was named DJ Mag’s ‘Breakthrough Label’ for 2019, DJ Mag’s ‘Best Label’ award for 2020 and also picked up Resident Advisors ‘Best Mix’ award with Kiwi Krush.

‘In Transit’ Tracklist:
1. Get Busy With It (feat. Novelist)
2. 3FALL
3. Stratus
4. Vectra (feat. Paul Stephan)
5. Gold (Conducta x BIJI)

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