Czech skate punks Krang release new single ‘Cowabunga,’ announce new album ‘Listens to Krang Once’

Czech skate punk band Krang have released their new track titled ‘Cowabunga’ from their upcoming album ‘Listens To Krang Once’ containing 12 brand new songs with fresh melodies, smart and funny lyrics. The first single ‘Cowabunga’ leaves no imagination that this is about one of the band’s favorite comics of all time: “We had plenty of songs about action movies characters, comic books or video games but we still haven’t had song about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We needed to fix that. So here it is. Song about friendship, eating pizza, and fair play. So which turtle are you and why?”, says the band.

Krang also dove into Alf, Marty McFly or Rory Gilmore on the new record and combined these tracks with lyrically personal and social/political songs, just the way they like it. All recorded by Yotam Ben Horin of Useless ID and Damian Kučera of Skywalker. Krang recorded their most musically and lyrically diverse album yet. Every song has its own sound and every punk rock fan can find their favorite. ‘Listens to Krang Once’ is set to release on May 3rd via SBAM Records.

Krang – ‘Listens To Krang Once’ artwok

‘Listens to Krang once’ tracklist:

01. Brand New Leader
02. Cowabunga
03. DeLorean
04. Rory Gilmore
05. Distance
06. Millenial Song
07. Menticide
08. Cocktail Of Freedom
09. Birdhouse
10. Alf
11. Running Out Of Time
12. Last Breath

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