Danny León switches to snowboard for rare Madrid snowfall

Danny León only jumps on a snowboard once or twice a year, however, the Spanish skateboard sensation got the chance to hit the snow when his home city of Madrid was turned into a winter wonderland in January.

Storm Filomena covered the Spanish capital with almost 50 cm of snow from January 8, the most snow that it has seen since 1971, so the 26-year-old got together with his friends to head outside and prepare some jumps so he could show off his tricks for locals and fans watching online.

León, who grew up in the Móstoles area, spent 4-5 hours each day visiting some of the city’s famous landmarks like Almudena Cathedral, Gran Vía, Plaza de Cibeles, and Plaza de Colón to create exciting backdrops.

“The first few days of the snow I went with Alberto, my team manager, and we drove around Madrid to find some spots where it would be cool to skateboard. The next day, though, it was snowing a lot and we couldn’t take the car. We tried the Madrid Metro, but some lines were closed, and we spent hours getting around Madrid. It was impossible to do any skateboarding, even with our snow shovels, so we snowboarded instead,” shared León about his snow adventure.

“I have probably only seen snow two times in my life in Madrid,” he continues. “One time I remember that it was snowing a lot and we couldn’t go to school, but the next day was perfect. This time, it was two weeks. It was crazy. Everything was completely covered in snow. The snow was up to my knees.”

León is well known for his performances at big skate events like Simple Session – which he won in 2020 – Marseille’s Red Bull Bowl Rippers and Red Bull Rollercoaster in Munich, however, it was not a simple transition from one board to the other even though he enjoys watching the likes of American legend Travis Rice in his snowboarding documentaries such as ‘The Art of Flight’ and ‘The Fourth Phase.’ And he was not afraid to admit it – “The only similar thing in snowboarding is I go goofy. The technique is so different, though!”

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