Dave Hause examines that first blush of attraction on new single ‘Low’

Dave Hause, the highly acclaimed singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, is presenting his latest track ‘Low,’ out via Blood Harmony Records and Soundly Music. The track is taken from his upcoming album, ‘Drive It Like It’s Stolen,’ set for release on Friday, April 28. This will be Hause‘s sixth full-length solo album.

After releasing the uplifting heartland rock anthems, ‘Hazard Lights’ and ‘Damn Personal,’ ‘Low’ takes a more sentimental approach, delving into the complexities of a relationship from its early stages to those pivotal moments where we all need a helping hand.

Hause had the following to share about the new single: “That first blush of attraction can last for awhile. The butterflies in the stomach, the endless starry eyed conversations, the longing when you’re apart, the long, lusty nights, each person putting their best foot forward – it sure makes for a magical time. But at the end of the day, the gnawing question ends up being, ‘Will you love me when I’m low?’”

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