De’Wayne signs to Fearless Records, shares new single ‘Synthesizer’

Fearless Records is pleased to announce the addition of rock artist De’Wayne to the global roster – he is an artist who has taken risks his whole life and is now putting that exact energy into the music he creates.

De’Wayne is an alternative rock singer from Houston, Texas, who is redefining how it’s done by showcasing a raw and tasteful blend of genres. The music combines elements of rock, pop, and soul, with a mission to show people we shouldn’t live in boxes — and neither should our music. Throughout his nascent career, he has constantly reinvented himself, leaving fans both guessing and thrilled, all the while picking up new ones along the way. The NME called out his ability to be “Equally at home belting out throaty howl or indulging in his velvety soulfulness” and praised, “The sense of fun and experimentation that’s crucial to good mainstream-minded rock music is very much alive” that defines De’Wayne’s music.

‘Synthesizer’ is a love letter to my best friend,” De’Wayne says. “Sometimes, it’s easier to say these things in a song rather than in person. I was inspired by the commodores, who wrote ‘brick house’ about the perfect woman – in their eyes. I wanted to take the word synthesizer and make it sexy and give it a new meaning. To anyone who listens to this, I hope they find the synthesizer in their life.”

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