Don’t Sleep (ex-Dag Nasty) share ‘Refine Me’ video

As soon as the state of Pennsylvania gave the green light to reopen during the Covid-19 pandemic, Don’t Sleep immediately took advantage to record the video ‘Refine Me’ an anthem about how to come out stronger on the other side. The song is taken from the bands upcoming new album ‘Turn The Tide,’ dropping on September 4th via Mission Two Entertainment.

Vocalist Dave Smalley insists that “We need to take inspiration from those that try to bring us down. Either through work, or family, or sadly in music – we get hurt in life, we all feel pain. People will betray you and as the old saying goes, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” echoes that truth, and ‘Refine Me’ acts as a reminder to remember that. It is important to be forged and refined by the flames of adversity. Let your enemies make you stronger.”

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