Dub MD links with The Audible Doctor for new release ‘EP=MD²’

When society goes from targeting the heads of unarmed African Americans to a global surveillance state where voyeurism, gang stalking, and theft are the new normal. ‘EP=MD²’ takes you from 1984 to the current day featuring K-Hill [Stallone & Weathers], Singapore Kane, Krumbsnatcha, Tokyo Cigar, Elete Wright [St. Joe Louis], The Good People, Lena Jackson, Joc Scholar [Grand Opus], Likwuid, and others.

All beats were done by The Audible Doctor, who also produced the EP. The EP was mixed by B Leafs, Lightfoot, Charlie Beans, and QNIEZERY, while Dallas Van De Vorst did the artwork.

1. George. (Intro by Tokyo Cigar)
2. Doublethink (feat. M-Dot, K-Hill, and Joc Scholar)
3. Room 101 (feat. Mr. Live and Singapore Kane)
4. Where’s My Mind? (feat. Mayhem, Avrex, and Elete Wright)
5. In Memoriam (feat. Lena Jackson and Krumbsnatcha)
6. Evil I (feat. The Good People, junclassic, and Likwuid)

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