EKOH and Tech N9ne drop video for new banger ‘Nobody Like Me’

Emerging artist Ekoh has teamed up with Tech N9ne for their collab track ‘Nobody Like Me’. It’s a banger, where the duo spits rhymes as though their lives depend on it. Crank the knobs to 11, put the windows down, and add this one to your playlist rotation – the song grabbed over 250,000 streams in just a weekend’s time.

Get to know him now, because the stratosphere is in his future, thanks to his deft rap x rock hybrid style. Ekoh’s breakout track ‘Hole In Your Head’ was released in November 2023 and stayed in steady rotation on SiriusXM Octane and was a crowd favorite during his first rock tour where he supported From Ashes to New on the Blackout Tour. Additionally, the single ‘Hurt Myself’ continues to roar. He shared ‘Mayday’ earlier this year and released his own custom sneaker with Vans.

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