El Gant and Ras Kass team up for ‘Pageants’

El Gant shares the slick new video for ‘Pageants,’ his lyrically charged single featuring none other than Ras Kass as well as neck-breaking production from Marco Polo.

Mo Stafford is on directorial duties for the video, which centers on shots of the two emcees spitting their verses while posted up in a low-key apartment. It’s a fitting setting for this type of track because it’s all about eschewing pageantry and over-the-top BS in favor of artistry and lyrical content.

That feeling is truly palpable in the video. Backed by Marco Polo’s piano-stomping production, El Gant and Ras Kass detail their passion for hip-hop that goes well beyond a need for recognition. It’s an inescapable drive that’s in their blood – or, as El Gant says so eloquently on the hook, “The game came into my life like a bad habit.”

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