Elvis Jackson @ Exit Festival 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia

Words: Miljan Milekić

It was this very same festival, this very same stage, and I believe this very same slot back in 2009 when I first saw Elvis Jackson live, and I’m a fan ever since. Their unique blend of skate punk, ska, reggae, and metal just instantly appealed to me, while their energy stuck with me for a long time. Now, ten years, and a handful of shows later, pretty much nothing changed. Well, they did release new music in the meantime, so I guess it actually went for the better.

They did start their set in front of less crowd than expected, due to an unfortunate clash with Whitechapel at Explosive stage and a few other overlaps, and it took a few songs before numbers were set straight, but it didn’t discourage them. They wasted no time and got the party started as soon as they’ve hit the stage. Their style is so eclectic that it’s weird how it all works, but damn it does. Whether they engage in full punk rock mode with songs like ‘Not Here To Pray,’ ‘Any Place To Go,’ ‘Salvation,’ and ‘Wake Me Up!,’ or dip their fingers into reggae with ‘Street 45,’ ‘This Time,’ and ‘Window,’ it all seemed so logical and made sense. And it all sounded amazing.

Not only that the band is on an insanely high level of live performance and energy, not for a moment they forgot to have fun. The non-stop communication with the crowd was accompanied by inflatable beach toys and even a boat, which were launched from the stage for the non-swimming fans to cruise around. Oh yeah, and lots of toilet paper. For no reason. I think this was my sixth time to see Slovenians, and It’s a no-brainer if I’d do it again. Especially after throwing in ‘Against The Gravity’ near the end of the set, before traditionally finishing off with stoner anthem ‘Smoke the Herb.’

P.S. Shout out to the guy in Luka Dončić‘s jersey in the front row!

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