End Of Pipe share new album ‘Mass Hyteria’

After the singles ‘Memories’ and ‘Get Alive,’ End Of Pipe releases the album ‘Mass Hysteria,’ the band’s fourth studio album and the band’s first full length, marking their 14th anniversary and consolidating their formation as a power trio. The release will be via Electric Funeral Records in Brazil and is available on all digital platforms.

Produced by Uirá Medeiros and recorded at Undercave Studio (São José / SC) by Marlon Ramos, ‘Mass Hysteria’ was mixed and mastered in Chicago (USA) by Mark Michalik, who has already signed albums for groups such as Much The Same, Counterpunch, The Swellers and We Are the Union.

‘Mass Hysteria’ has 10 songs, including the singles already mentioned, and brings together special guest appearances by iconic musicians such as Mark Vecchiarelli (Shades Apart), Frank Lacatena (Slap of Reality / The Sophomore Effort), Scott Hallquist (Ten Foot Pole / DC Fallout), Émilie Pnkmondon (50 Shades of Punk Rock / Excuse Me Mister) and Felix (Hardlife / Mallet / Kamikazes Refuse).

This album is a resume of all the influences of the group, with fast Californian punk and hardcore sounds in the style of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords of the ’90s and 2000s, and for more cadences and heavier, referring to the bands of record labels No Idea Records and Jade Tree Records, with lyrics and current themes and unforgettable melodies.

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