Enter Shikari release new single ‘Bloodshot’

Enter Shikari are today sharing ‘Bloodshot,’ the third single to be taken from their highly-anticipated forthcoming album ‘A Kiss For The Whole World,’ which will be released on 21st April via SO Recordings/Ambush Reality.

In the arrival of ‘Bloodshot,’ the band have more questions to pose themselves, and us. We hear the band ruminating on the struggle to resist choreographed thought patterns, calling into question the maxims that we tell ourselves we live by, and the often-exhausting search for truth and reason in the modern world.

Lead vocalist and producer Rou Reynolds explains: “Every day, I seem to be asking myself – “Is this article biased? Is this claim true? Should I be more furious about this issue? Or less furious? Am I being manipulated? Provoked? Radicalised by my own ‘tribe’?.” ‘Bloodshot’ is about how hard it is to find truth, and how easy it is to stop thinking for yourself and simply repeat your ‘team’s’ mantras. Everyone’s so fucking angry with everyone else and it’s exhausting. It seems like social media’s main purpose these days is to hypnotise us to hate”.

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