Explain Away transform feelings and emotions through punk rock in ‘Cause We’

Explain Away encourages and manifests different types of emotions with their music, creating melodic combinations with a Californian punk rock footprint that reflect feelings in a comprehensive way, which serve for general reflection, and not for something introspective and personal. Marking the new phase of Explain Away, the power-trio releases the single for the track ‘Cause We,’ showing a path of composition, melody, and reflection different from the intensity and distortions of the last material released, the album ‘Collective Loneliness.’

The track is a fraternal one to the feeling of being there for who is important and who cares reciprocally, regardless of the most adverse conditions that life faces along the way, especially on difficult days like the ones we have been experiencing lately. A triumph of unconditional love over hopelessness.

The band signs the co-production of the single, together with Billy Comodoro in recording, mixing, and mastering. The group that was formed in 2014 in Brazil, mixes punk, grunge, and alternative of the 90s with a visceral and own footprint. Realistic and reflective lyrics about the consequences of the easy everyday life of big cities and mental health, with an aggressive instrument that corresponds to the treated themes. They launched their first studio work at the end of 2017, entitled ‘Collective Loneliness,’ with nine tracks that demonstrate this from beginning to end, and powerful and high performances, rescue the spirit of the good old independent underground with a differentiated equation of good references on each chord.

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