Face To Face announce new album ‘No Way Out But Through’

If you’re itching for Face To Face news, we have you covered. The band has announced that their brand-new album, ‘No Way Out But Through,’ will drop on September 10! Produced by Seigfried Meier, ‘No Way Out But Through’ is a record that brims with intelligent songwriting, arena-sized choruses, big guitars, and a distinct musical fluidity that comes from playing together as a band for over 30 years.

Leading the collection is the album’s title track, of which Trever Keith (vocals/lead guitar) says, “To me, ‘No Way Out But Through’ means facing life’s obstacles head on, rather than looking for shortcuts.”

‘No Way Out But Through’ track listing:

01. Black Eye Specialist
02. No Way out But Through
03. A Miss Is as Good as a Mile
04. Blanked Out
05. Anonymous
06. Ruination Here We Come
07. Long Way Down
08. Vertigo-go
09. You Were Wrong About Me
10. Spit Shine
11. This Is My Vanishing Act
12. Farewell Song


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