Flogging Molly release new single ‘This Road Of Mine,’ start European tour

Flogging Molly, who recently announced the impending release of their first new album in five years, ‘Anthem,’ out on September 9th via Rise Records, have previewed a new track from the 11-song collection, releasing ‘This Road of Mine’ this morning.

A nod to the band’s, and particularly singer/guitar player Dave King’s, unique history, ‘This Road of Mine’ is, as King says, about taking your own path: “We’ve always done things the way we want to do it.” Plucked from obscurity, and the hopelessness of Dublin’s Tenement Row, King was hand-picked by Motörhead’s “Fast” Eddie Clarke in 1983 for Clarke’s new band, Fastway. King has often shared the ups and downs he experienced in the years that followed.

With Fastway imploding in the wake of grunge, King was free to create his own vision, but along the way, he spent days scrubbing toilets and painting houses as he performed nearly nightly at the Los Angeles club, and Flogging Molly’s namesake, Molly Malone’s. Now, 25 years later, the band’s unique concoction of traditional Irish music and modern punk rock, has seen them perform with The Rolling Stones, featured on several stints of the Warped Tour, birth the annual, and always sold-out, Salty Dog Cruise, and host their yearly, Los Angeles-based St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

King further explains the sentiment behind ‘This Road of Mine:’ “At the time I was writing these lyrics I was wondering if we were going to be able to continue to tour and make music again. Whether you’re a plumber or a carpenter or a musician, we all had the rug pulled out from underneath us and there are certainly elements of that on the album. I’m not one to shy away from a situation in the sense of writing about it; I think that’s what songwriters should do, they should reflect the times.”

The album reunites Flogging Molly with Steve Albini, who also worked with the septet on their beloved early aughts albums ‘Swagger’ and ‘Drunken Lullabies.’ ‘This Road of Mine’ is the third preview from ‘Anthem,’ with the band previously releasing ‘The Croppy Boy ’98,’ and its accompanying live video and the instant classic, ‘These Times Have Got Me Drinking/Tripping Up The Stairs.’

July 27th – Tonhalle – Munich, Germany
July 29th – Tsunami Festival – Gijon, Spain
July 30th – Barna’n’Roll Festival – Barcelona, Spain
July 31st – Xtreme Festival – Cap Decouverte, France
August 2nd – Komplex 457 – Zurich, Switzerland
August 3nd – 013 – Tilburg, The Netherlands
August 5th – Open Airs 2022 – Berlin, Germany
August 6th – Open Airs 2022 – Berlin, Germany
August 8th – Lokerse Feesten – Lokeren, Belgium
August 10th – Punk Rock Holiday – Tolmin, Slovenia
August 11th – Bayfest Festival – Rimini, Italy
August 12th – Taubertal Festival – Rothenburg, Germany
August 13th – Rocco del Schlacko –  Puttlingen, Germany
August 14th – Open Flair Festival – Eschwege, Germany

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