Fly Over States build an infectious blend of post-hardcore and screamo on new single ‘Exits’

Montana’s Fly Over States are set to release their concept EP, ‘Ghosts’ on May 24th through Fever Ltd. (Heavenward, Muted Color, Mascara, Chain Gang Of 1974). Taking influence from bands like Underoath, Glassjaw, and The Chariot, the band creates a dynamic blend of post-hardcore and screamo.

Having already shared the feisty ’40 Stripes Minus One’, today Fly Over States share single ‘Exits’ as the next precursor to the EP. The song thrives off repetition in a thoughtful way, as guitar lines and vocal hooks encircle the listener. The band’s use of higher-pitched screamed and clean sung vocals add a glowing and infectious contrast, which becomes ingrained throughout the four songs on ‘Ghosts’.

Setting the basis for the story found across the EP and expanding on the single, vocalist and guitarist Gunnar Stephan states: “The first three songs are about workplace related accidents, specifically the Piet de Wit wind turbine accident and the Paria diving incident, wanting to somewhat memorialize the people that lost their lives and to curse the unfortunate capitalistic machine that put them into those situations. I wanted listeners to be able to put themselves into the story as well, adding a lot of introspection into my own interpretation of the aforementioned incidents.”

“On ‘Exits’, I attempted to make a double meaning out of losing track of yourself and your own mental health, as well as taking exits as a means of saving yourself. The line ‘I’m becoming the farthest from me’ is repeated a few times in this song both as a recognition of myself moving away from what (I had selfishly thought as a teenager) was my fully realized self as well as trying to express the change a person goes through after a traumatic experience, the mental wear and tear someone endures and how it can change a person’s entire perception of life.”, adds Gunnar.

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