Four Year Strong announce 10-year anniversary edition of ‘Enemy Of The World’

New England band Four Year Strong has announced a re-recorded version of ‘Enemy Of The World.’ The album originally came out over 10 years ago and was a breakout record for the band. Now it sees new production and four extra B-sides.

“We decided to re-record ‘Enemy Of The World’ first and foremost to be as cool as Taylor Swift, but secondly because we wanted to be able to repress the vinyl and offer it to fans that haven’t been able to get it since the record came out,” says Alan Day.

He continues: “It was really interesting to revisit all of the songs down to every detail, getting to kind of relive it in a way. We recorded the drums with Will Putney (who worked on the original album as an engineer), did the rest by ourselves at Dan‘s house, and then had Will work his magic on it and mix and master it. We had just worked with Will for the first time since 2010 on our new album ‘Brain Pain,’ and figured it would be perfect to work with Will as he knows Four Year Strong old and new more than anyone. So give it a listen, come out to the tour, and party like it’s 2010 again.”

Additionally, we are treated to four streaming singles, with the lead being ‘Cavalier.’ “I remember writing the opening riff to ‘Cavalier. and thinking ‘why is this so good?’ And later realizing it’s because The Beatles wrote it first. Thanks, Paul!,” says Alan Day.

Four Year Strong ‘Enemy Of The World’ anniversary edition artwork


01. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
02. Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)
03. Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
04. Nineteen With Neck Tatz
05. Find My Way Back
06. What The Hell Is A Gigawatt
07. One Step At A Time
08. This Body Pays The Bill$
09. Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride
10. Flannel Is The Color Of My Energy
11. Enemy Of The World
12. Listen! Do You Smell Something?
13. Bad News Bears
14. Cavalier

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