Four Year Strong announce deluxe version of ’Brain Pain’

New England rock band Four Year Strong has announced a special deluxe edition of their latest album ’Brain Pain.’ The release features 2 new songs and 3 new acoustic versions key singles from the record.

“’Brain Pain’ is an important record for us so we thought it deserved something more,” states Dan O’Connor. “We threw on some other songs that were recorded during the BP sessions and also put together acoustic versions of some of our favourite songs. We wanted to make the BP deluxe into something people who love ’Brain Pain’ would be stoked on.”

You can check out the new single ’Pipe Dream’ down below. “I love this song,” says O’Connor. “Pipe dream has a lot of elements that we don’t usually do it FYS songs. I love how aggressive it’s while staying simple and to the point. When we were writing this song, we wanted something that was fast, aggressive but all lead to this very euphoric feeling bridge. Playing this song live will be a ton of fun and I can’t wait to hear the words screamed back at us.”

’Brain Pain’ Deluxe track listing:

01. It’s Cool
02. Get Out Of My Head
03. Crazy Pills
04. Talking Myself In Circles
05. Learn To Love The Lie
06. Brain Pain
07. Mouth Full Of Dirt
09. Be Good When I’m Gone
10. The Worst part About Me
11. Usefully Useless
12. Young At Heart
13. Myvek
14. Pipe Dream
15. Get Out Of My Head (Acoustic)
16. Talking Myself In Circles (Acoustic)
17. Learn To Love (Acoustic)

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