FRND CRCL release melodic pop punk anthem ‘Fuck California’

FRND CRCL release their new single ‘Fuck California’ off their highly anticipated third album ‘Suburban Dictionary,’ out on June 30th. A track about expanding perspectives, ‘Fuck California’ is not only a declaration of love to their home state of New Jersey, but an anthem that encourages positive thinking.

Similar to the Death Row and Bad Boy records battle, the typical feud over the best coast holds no animosity from FRND CRCL towards the golden state. Instead, the track speaks to living the moment, finding the best in a situation and blooming where you are planted accompanied by strong gang vocals and their signature catchy melodies.

On the track, the band is pulling from frustration over the California stereotype of an ‘all talk and no change’ mentality. FRND CRCL encourages listeners to open their minds, make positive changes, and face their problems head-on. ‘Fuck California’ is a cool song that should be checked out specifically because it’s about the East Coast being better than California. Other than that, it’s got a huge sing-along chorus, summery instrumentation, and a soulfully punk guitar solo!”FRND CRCL.

Having been compared to Blink-182, Simple Plan and Sum 41 with lightning-fast structures, catchy melodies, and hip-hop-delivered harmonies, FRND CRCL continue to carve their niche into the realm of pop punk, bringing their delightful nostalgic yet strikingly infectious fresh feel to the fifth wave of pop punk.

Frnd Crcl – ‘Suburban Dictionary’ artwork

‘Suburban Dictionary’ Tracklist:

01. 7AM
02. No Bad Days
03. ADHD
04. Golden
05. Orange Tang
06. Clinically Insane
07. Fuck California
08. No Chill
09. 47
10. Don’t Wait Up
11. Kids
12. Midnight
14. Alright

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