Get into Saharan sand storm in the Alps with Nidecker Snowboards crew

In March 2022, a Saharan storm deposited desert sand over the Alps. Although the phenomenon isn’t unusual, in the last few winters it has occurred on a previously unseen scale, a consequence of increasingly frequent extreme weather events caused by climate change.

Filmed and edited by Samuel McMahon, with aerial photography by Ed Blomfield, some of the Nidecker and Flow team – Christoffer Granbom and Shin Biyajima, led by Emilien Badoux – were on hand in the Swiss Alps to ride the unique snow, splitboarding to the Cabane du Trient and descending an east-facing couloir on the Pointe d’Orny.

Although the vibes were high, all involved were once again reminded throughout of the damage caused by the climate catastrophe. To do their part, 1% of everything Nidecker sells goes to nonprofits in the trenches like Protect Our Winters, who bridge the gap between love of the outdoors and climate activism, in order to hold those in power to account.

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