Glacier Veins releases Jawbreaker cover ‘Accident Prone’

Dream punk band Glacier Veins have shared their cover of Jawbreaker’s ‘Accident Prone.’ Additionally, in celebration of the one year anniversary of their debut album ‘The World You Want To See,’ the band has released a reimagined version of their song ‘Circles.’ ‘The World You Want To See’ was released on February 28th, 2020 via Rude/Equal Vision Records / Common Ground Collective and is available for purchase HERE.

Shares Endres: “We recorded ‘Accident Prone’ in 2018 as what was supposed to be a part of a film that never came to fruition. It was an enjoyably interesting process weaving our sound into a Jawbreaker song and we’re excited to share what feels like a trip into the past for us as new music for you all.”

‘Accident Prone’ (Jawbreaker Cover)

‘Circles (Reimagined)’



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