Godlands embraces imposter syndrome on a new EP ‘Bleach’

Multi-genre producer Godlands releases her most vulnerable project to date: her second Monstercat EP, ‘Bleach,’ a musical journey representing her triumph over the dismaying presence of imposter syndrome.

From crafting trauma responses to rebuilding the foundations of the tracks, the compositions on ‘Bleach’ are richly layered, portraying the story of Godlands unmasking self-doubt with imposter syndrome and overcoming personal battles. The impressive and creatively diverse tracks showcase her experimentation with breakbeat elements and the merge of drum & bass with her signature energetic trap stylings. The five-track package explores her ever-evolving production, including ‘Inner Fyre,’ a new collaboration with producer PLSMA.

Godlands shares, “The reason I named this EP ‘Bleach’ is because much like bleach stains your clothes and is impossible to remove, imposter syndrome works the same way. This EP is based around my battle of imposter syndrome and constantly comparing myself to my peers. As an artist, there is always a little devil on your shoulder telling you you’re just not good enough, but I think it’s really brave as a creative to keep pursuing and evolving through those internal battles.”

Godlands has had a soaring 2023, unveiling a string of boundary-pushing releases such as ‘U Want Me’ and ‘Charmer.’ She also announced multiple North American festival slots for later this year. Paving the forefront of the new generation of trap in Australia, Godlands has received explosive support from all around the world.

Riding a wave of momentum, Godlands is on a streak of announcing debut festival appearances in North America. Fans can brace themselves for captivating performances from her at Monstercat’s Compound Festival, Lost Lands, and Das Energi Festival. She will also make her second return to Tomorrowland this July. All sets from Godlands are bound to bring an unforgettable experience driven by her addictive stage energy as she plays out ‘Bleach’ live.

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