Good Bison premieres new song ‘Lunatic’

Fresh off the announcement of their new EP ‘Scattered Storms’ and the release of the lead single ‘Can’t Predict The Weather,’ Los Angeles-based indie band Good Bison is now premiering their new single ‘Lunatic.’ Set for release to DSPs on Friday, January 8th, the song is the second single from ‘Scattered Storms’ which comes out independently on January 29, 2021.

‘Lunatic’ is the second song I wrote on guitar and it was inspired by multiple trips out to Joshua Tree in the middle of the night,” says Good Bison brainchild Pablo Alvarez about the making of the song. “One time, I was walking around the desert at two in the morning and genuinely started to feel like I was lost. Nothing looked familiar, and I had wandered pretty far off the main trail which is super dangerous and not something anyone should do. I was lucky enough to eventually find my way back to the campsite, but that feeling is something I carried with me while working on this track. I’m still not sure if I’ve made it home yet, but at least I’m not lost in the desert.”


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