Good Bison tries to outrun a haunting on a new single ‘Better Lies’

The latest chapter in indie-rocker Good Bison’s new narrative EP, ‘Ghost On Mulholland,’ has been unveiled in the form of ‘Better Lies,’ a single about the protagonist doing whatever he can to escape the ghost that has been trailing him for a lifetime. The ambitious new EP (inspired by the ‘Goosebumps’ series by R.L. Stine) chronicling this lifelong haunting will be released independently on February 21, 2023.

‘Better Lies’ is a song about living in denial and the anguish of ignoring one’s inner pain. It finds Good Bison brainchild Pablo Alvarez musing about hiding how he truly feels, running away from responsibilities (i.e running away from the aforementioned ghost in this narrative), and pretending that all is ok when it’s not. Despite the painful subject matter, the track still showcases a laid-back vibe full of intricate guitar riffs and solos, matched with warm, calming melodies, as well as Alvarez’ signature, energetic alternations between rapping and singing during the verses.

“I’ve never been particularly great at communicating my feelings. My mind is so focused on staying afloat and pushing forward that I rarely allow myself to process my emotion,” says Alvarez. “I could be at one of my lowest points and still go about my day smiling. It’s not necessarily an accurate depiction of how I’m feeling, it’s an instinct. Or a defense mechanism. Sometimes I fear people would be disappointed if they realize their perception of me isn’t entirely accurate. I’m actually not always in a good mood, although it may seem that way.”

‘Better Lies,’ alongside the rest of the EP, was written and recorded in Miami by Alvarez and Abe Mendez, with George Spits handling additional production, mixing, and mastering, Agustin Mas on lead guitar, and Sebastian Delgado on drums/backing vocals.

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